Ferromagnetic Detector CEIA Hand Held MRI

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Ferromagnetic Detector CEIA Hand Held MRI


Portable, dual-sensor ferromagnetic detector for screening patients before MRI exams

The PD240CH is a patient screening device capable of distinguishing ferromagnetic metals from non-ferromagnetic metals, helping to protect the patient from the effects due to both the static magnetic field and radio frequency.

Not for Use in MRI Room



Product Details

  • Large search area for quick and accurate control
  • Precise localization of the metal object via two-tone acoustic and two-color optical signaling
  • Three analysis modes that allow you to detect only ferrous metals on the head and body or all types of metal on the patient's entire body
  • Patient Safety - Reduces the risk of burns produced by the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous objects heated by the radio frequency generated by the NMR scanner
  • Double sensor capable of separately detecting both ferrous metal objects and any type of metal object
  • Alarm signals: Optical, Acoustic and via Vibration
  • Customization of user interface, power saving mode and sensitivity
  • Built-in long-lasting rechargeable batteries that eliminate the operating costs of alkaline batteries



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